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Sibme Virtual Coaching

Sibme Virtual Coaches use a personalized approach to help teachers grow. Our dynamic, hybrid approach helps teachers evaluate their current practices in a collaborative environment, set goals, record “snapshot” videos, and receive feedback from highly qualified instructional coaches.


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The Virtual Coaching Cycle

  1. Teachers and their supervisor meet to establish individualized goals
  2. The Virtual Coach and Teacher meet virtually for six personalized coaching sessions.
  3. Sibme Virtual Coaches review a total of 12-15 snapshot videos shared by the teacher in a private coaching Huddle on the Sibme platform. Coaches watch these videos and provide feedback focused on the teacher's goals.
  4. Coaches select resources to dhsare and discuss with the teacher based on the specific goals and needs of the teacher. 
  5. Coaches share weekly reports with the teacher and the teacher's supervisor providing details of the week's focus, resources shared, and the action plan for the next step in the cycle.

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Coach the Coach-1
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Virtual “Coach the Coach” Coaching is a 7-week 1:1 personalized experience supporting teachers who want to become coaches or current coaches who want to grow.


How it works:

Weeks 1-4

Participants are taken through a process that includes learning to:

  • Identify and adopt an effective coaching stance
  • Build a toolkit of strategies to support the growth of teachers
  • Construct goals in measurable terms
  • Apply the elements of effective feedback on observed instruction
  • Conduct effective coaching conversations

Weeks 5-7

Participants work with a self-identified volunteer in order to apply what they have learned in an abbreviated coaching cycle while continuing to be supported by their Sibme coach

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Observe teachers remotely via Livestream or video recordings from a web browser or our iOS and Android apps. 

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Interactive video player with time-stamp comments, rubric tags, and file attachments.

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Connect live via our web conferencing integration and scheduler with Zoom, Webex, GoToMeeting, and BlueJeans.

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Create a private Best Practices Video Library for your school or district to highlight team success.

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Manage professional learning, collaboration, and instructional coaching on-site or remote from a single place.

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Reporting and Analytics to measure engagement, learning outcomes, and track attendance.

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Create individual, group, and team learning goals or portfolios and track progress for individual teachers and teams.

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Easily share and discuss multiple classroom artifacts, including video, photos, PDFs, and URLs.

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